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Talking to a good finance broker will save you both time and money. Consider the substantial amount of time and effort alone that would be spent researching and presenting your financial application to a lender.

Banks and conventional lending institutions lend on specific and often inflexible criteria and generally, to those who do not need the money.

Many financial proposals are declined because they are packaged and presented incorrectly, and often not submitted to the most appropriate lender.

Whether you are looking for equipment finance, or a loan for a car or truck it is important to approach the right lender. So remember, selecting the right people to help you fund your equipment or car can be as important as buying the item itself.

At Great Car Loans we can offer you:

  • Expert knowledge and impartial advice to help you make an informed decision
  • Solutions to suit your financing requirements
  • Access to a wide range of leading lenders
  • Fast, hassle free turn around time
  • Personal service second to none

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